12 Unbelievable Moringa Benefits That Will Change Your Life

12 Unbelievable Moringa Benefits That Will Change Your Life

When it all started ?


Moringa oleifera has been called over the centuries as the ” Miracle ” Tree instead of ” Moringa Tree ” Since the fifth century people used to consume their leaves orally in Pakistan and India that have the biggest number of Moringa oleifera in the world.

moringa plant

Nowadays people are using Moringa Leaves and Seeds to have a better life and keep themselves and their families away from microbes and diseases.

Scientifically Approved ?

Lots of patents and studies has been shared over the last century about the benefits of Moringa plant as some professors claimed that it can heal up to 300 ills and prevent them from occur at the first place, unbelievable right ?!

Check : Patent 1 , Patent 2

So it wouldn’t be hard to mention 12 Moringa Benefits that could really change the course of your life completely not only because of the protection you’re going to have by making use of it, but also by the nutritious life you’re going to live.

Normal People Approved ?

People who consume Moringa daily are most likely to live a healthier life than others, and I don’t say this myself, but I quote from real people who experienced the amazing miracle of this plant.

misee moringa

As Missee E Says That : Moringa Oleifera has helped me and my family health improve significantly for the last 3 years when we heard about it. Although we have had experienced miraculous and life changing improvements, I can’t say that it heal or cured us, rather – our improvement of health was a direct result of whole food nutrition.

moringa franscesca

Francesca Zamah Says That : I consume it orally, the leaves, and it treats many diseases, it especially calms my migraines instantly. I boil the leaves and drink the water or I chew the leaves. But be careful, I’ve heard that too much consumption of it can lead to drastic weight loss.

Easy To Plant, Easy To Grow!

In fact Moringa Trees considered as one of the easiest plants to grow over the earth, since it feeds on rain water and grow under hard weather circumstances, People in west-Africa especially Congo and Malawi are having huge amount of Moringa Trees.

As they use it as an alternative source for proteins and nutrition and even vitamin E, when there is a famine, that’s why you can tell by yourself, people in those countries are more healthier and live longer than other nationalities .

1 . Cause Dramatic Weight Loss!


weight loss quotes

Me personally had an amazing experience with Moringa Tree & Tea, I’ve lost 18 kilo-grams in 7 weeks, only consuming Moringa leaves and Moringa Tea alongside with low-fat food, but the main dish was always containing Moringa.

Start for the first week with boiling Moringa leaves and drinking it’s water at the early morning, and you’re going to have something to tell your friends about! it works like magic especially in the first week, when your body isn’t used to it yet.

When you consume it with any quantity of fruits you may lose over 4 kilo-grams per week and that’s even without working out yet!

2 . Cure Inflammation in Minutes

Moringa Cure InflammationImage : womentowomen.com

We all suffer from inflammation sometimes, Moringa plant can help you reduce the inflammation and cure it in minutes, that’s by suppressing the inflammatory enzymes and concentrates directly on the cells affected by the inflammation and start treating it with it’s nitric oxide synthase .

So again as we said Moringa is going to change your life not only by protecting you from potential diseases but also by helping you curing the ones you already suffering from.

3 . Full of nutrition


Moringa Leaves are full of vitamins, minerals and the essential amino acids and even more, 100 grams of dried Moringa leaf contains :-

  • 9 times protein yogurt
  • 10 times the vitamin A of carrots
  • 15 times the potassium bananas
  • 17 times the calcium in milk
  • 12 times the vitamin C of oranges
  • 25 times the iron of spinach

4 . Full of Antioxidants


Moringa leaves are full of antioxidants, which are vitamin C, beta-Carotene, Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid and even more.

Moringa has shown that it’s reducing sugar levels in blood, and decrease the absorption of sugar into cells, as stated by the Asian pacific journal .

“There have been reports that the Moringa oleifera tree leaves have demonstrated antioxidant activity due to its high amount of polyphenols.

5 . Lower Blood Sugar Levels

blood sugar levelImage : charterclinic.com

The Miracle Leaves of Moringa can reduce blood sugar levels, That’s because it have antidiabetic effects thanks to the beneficial plant compounds found in the leaves.

Some studies showed that if you had 50 gram of dried leaves with your meal you can reduce blood sugar levels by 21% percent!

6 . Maintain a Healthy Cholesterol Level

cholestrolimage : istock.com

Moringa also has some properties that lower cholesterol levels, and there’s an animal study found that the effects were comparable to those who use drug simvastatin to reduce cholesterol. According to the Journal of Ethnopharmacology :-

“The Moringa oleifera is used in traditional Thai medicine as a cardiotonic. Recent studies demonstrated their hypocholesterolemic effect.

7 . Protects You From Arsenic Toxicity


Moringa leaves and seeds can protect against some of the effects of arsenic toxicity , which is especially important given the news that common staple foods such as rice, may be contaminated.

8 . Purify Water

purify water

Moringa seeds known to be the best way purify water that many conventional synthetic materials currently used. According to the University of Uppsala :-

Seeds from Moringa oleifera trees can be used to purify water. Uppsala University leads a research group which has discovered that seed material can give a more efficient purification process than conventional synthetic materials in use today.

9 . Protects the liver


If you’re drinking too much you could suffer from liver failure, Moringa can help you and protects your liver, because it contains huge amounts of polyphenols in the leaves according to topnutritionals.ca :-

The mechanisms may lie in the high caffeoylquinic acid content of Moringa leaves. Caffeoylquinic acids are believed to increase bile and exert a protective effect on the liver, possibly preventing liver disease.

10 . Help in Wounds Healing

wound healing

Moringa contain blood clotting properties in it’s seeds and leaves that could be used to enhance wounds healing and reduces the time the wound take to get healed.

11 . Help You Get Relaxed

Get Relaxed

Drinking Moringa leaves water will help you get relaxed and will help you too loosen your stress, now you can boil it’s leaves and drink it to relax and have a better day empty of pressures and mind stress.

12 . It treats Anemia


Many people don’t even realize that they have anemia, which is the lack of red blood cells which cause low blood pressure, fatigue and could cause dizziness too, all of that could be treated by it’s leaves especially when you consume it orally .

Moringa Usage  :-

it could be consumed orally by eating it’s leaves, or by flouring it’s seeds and drink it’s powder in water too, you can also boil it’s leaves and drink it’s water at the early morning but also be careful from over-doses, don’t consume Moringa more than one time daily in order to avoid it’s side-effects.

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