5 Secrets To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

5 Secrets To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder

Today we’re talking about how to overcome social anxiety disorder Lots of people feel that they’re nervous or shy on occasion, maybe when they’re about to give a speech or having an interview for a new job, it happens to all of us so nothing to worry about it if that’s all what you’re suffering right now.

But social anxiety disorder is something bigger than that, it’s when you’re mentally and psychologically freeze because of the fear of certain social situations, what makes you start avoiding their occurrence at the first place.

overcome social anxiety disorder

What is Social Anxiety Disorder ( Real Life Examples )

Social Anxiety Disorder or what others call ” Social Phobia ” makes you want to lock yourself inside your room and avoiding interacting with people, which makes you less friendly, Non-confident and even worse lonely for the rest of your life.

1. People start avoid grabbing attention anyhow, you start giving up opportunities because you don’t want to be judged or be in a comparison with anyone.

2. You don’t go for that event or that seminar because you don’t like being surrounded by people who may talk with you or discover your ideas and thoughts.

3. You get away from well-known or Authority people because it’s like a small fish in a pond of sharks to you and that’s for sure keeps you small forever.

4. You don’t go to tell the one you love about your real feelings which results losing the ones you love and that’s one of the baddest symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

5. There’s nothing called parties or social meetings for you which makes you always an outsider for your colleagues or friends.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder ?

1 . Notice When You’re At Your Most Confident

overcome social anxiety disorder

How do you know you’ve done something good? is it as a result of people’s feedback, the obvious achievement of result¬† or do you just know by yourself!

Some of us are naturally wired in such a way that we rely mainly on other people gratitude to let us know whether we made something good or not.

That’s one of the main reasons of social anxiety disorder and also cause a lack of self-confidence if you don’t usually get people’s appreciation and applause after everything you do at your life.

So in order to be more confident you should work around this issue by making a daily habit noticing success or moments when you’ve felt at your highest confident and write it down day after the other .

That will trigger state of confidence in the moment and also begin to rewire your brain to notice more of these confidence moments as they happen even when you’re among other people .

2 . It’s Not All About You

overcome social anxiety disorder

It’s the same misconception we all have, you’re not the center of the earth and no one is really dedicating his whole life to analyze you and judge your actions.

So you’ve to know that there’s no pressure on you , you can enjoy being outside the circle of attention and enjoy listening and watching people too.

It’s all about who’s caring about you not who’s inside the room and if you’re going to an event or a party trust me everybody are caring about themselves and they have their own manners, they won’t interfere yours unless you asked them too .

3 . Take a deep breath

overcome social anxiety disorder

If you learned how to control your breath in different situations, you won’t fall in social anxiety trap again, before you meet some strangers take a deep breath and think about the commons you may have together .

Before you enter your first class or lecture take a deep breath and concentrate about what you’re going to get from it not what’s going to happen to you because believe it or not nothing is going to happen.

When you’re going to an interview think about the one who’s making the interview, he’s looking for someone to help him at his business.

so take a deep breath and convince yourself that you’re not going into a battle or something, it’s just you and someone talking about business if your ideas and thoughts met together then it’s win-win situation.

If it doesn’t then you still have an unlimited chances to get a better job, be he lost one of his limited chances to find an appropriate employee for his vacancy.

4 . Create a Confident Future You Can Tell About It

overcome social anxiety disorder

If you want to be more self-confident and overcome social anxiety disorder create something worth telling, work on something worth effort.

Because there’s something powerful in creating or working on something valuable, it’ll create an inner feeling of merit and self pride, which everyone suffering of social anxiety is already missing.

Set your goals right, build your dreams they will attract people by themselves because dreams are like a magnet and it only attracts positive company.

When this happen you’ll start feel more confident, more powerful and you’ll experience the true meaning of happiness .

5 . Positivity Beats Social Anxiety

overcome social anxiety disorder

” Keep your face always towards the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you ” – Walt Whitman

We sometimes think that the world is working against us because of some situations we’ve been through or some failures we experienced before.

What if you think completely the opposite way ?

Think like the whole world is working for you, to make you reach your dreams and get what is yours in life, how this might affect your life positively ?

If you want to really overcome social anxiety disorder and live like everyone else, always think positively no matter what is the situation, no matter who’s involved, get your mind right and look at the bright side.

It’s not idealism, it’s a practical way of thinking about your biggest fears, starting with the fear of judgment by others passing by the fear of attention and of course the fear of failure .

At every single situation of these, you need to block the negativity for a moment and start thinking about the possibilities of success and how it’d affect your life in positive way, you also need to learn how to neglect eye-sights of other people.

They aren’t looking at you, They are looking at everyone!
You do the same too aren’t you?

Watch Inspirational videos often and read some self-development books that will makes you change the way of your thinking about your daily life situations and eventually it’ll help you overcome social anxiety disorder.

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